Y'all meet Beth? Plus: thoughts on Analyst Relations and reaching five years.

We reached a couple of milestones recently, so if you'll forgive me, this post is going to be about us. First and foremost, we added someone to our team, and while it's a big event on our timeline, it couldn't feel more natural. Whenever things got hectic around here over the last five years, we'd inch closer to the point where we'd call Beth Roberts and ask her to pitch in. When the day finally came, it was Beth who made the call, asking if we could join up to help a company from her adopted home of Austin, Texas. It wasn't a tough decision.

Life And Taxes

I will grant Benjamin Franklin’s point that death and taxes are certain, but let’s not forget that life, for the living, is also certain. And, in addition to being the price of civilized society, taxes are a measure of the events in our life for which we should be thankful. This Tax Day is undoubtedly expensive, but is also very valuable to me, as I hope it is to you.