Y'all meet Beth? Plus: thoughts on Analyst Relations and reaching five years.

We reached a couple of milestones recently, so if you'll forgive me, this post is going to be about us. First and foremost, we added someone to our team, and while it's a big event on our timeline, it couldn't feel more natural. Whenever things got hectic around here over the last five years, we'd inch closer to the point where we'd call Beth Roberts and ask her to pitch in. When the day finally came, it was Beth who made the call, asking if we could join up to help a company from her adopted home of Austin, Texas. It wasn't a tough decision.

Not only is she the consummate analyst relations pro, but she's one of our closest friends. Beth went to our wedding. She knows our stories. We like the same music, and she's got great kids. Beth is darn near family. She also brings the right experience and temperament to help the kinds of companies we love to serve. She knows what you need her to know, and she won't run for cover when the curveballs start flying.

This isn't our first time working with her, either. We cut our teeth together on tech PR and AR in the heady days of the pre-dot-com boom in New York, and Beth was the one who pulled Patty into AR for Capgemini shortly thereafter. We have no question that sharing a workload with Beth is the right thing to do. On top of all that, because she's based in Austin, we have one person who can credibly drop a "y'all" on all y'all (god, I hope I did that right). 

One last point on adding Beth to the roster -- it tips our balance still further towards AR, and that's a change I welcome. There is always value in being well-versed in PR, but AR is a specialty that is too often sold as a sidecar to PR. We (and, it's worth noting, the analysts) believe analyst relations requires that specialization. The majority of our clients have at least one person wholly dedicated to AR. In truth, we are now more than ever an analyst relations firm that has PR and content capabilities. It's a good place for us to be. 

In other news, today marks exactly five years since we became a team. I don't go in much for the myth-making about our start. It was a process, and there are several dates that serve as a "day one," but five years ago today was the last day I was on someone else's payroll. Patty had already been on her own doing AR for a handful of clients, but that day we became an agency. I remember the first prospecting calls, when we started the website, the first kick off call with the first client, even the first time someone other than me said "Wind Communications" in a meeting. It's a long way from those days when we were still reaching cruising altitude, but it's all still fresh in our memories. 

We're still growing, still hungry, and still looking for new and better ways to help the people who've put their trust in us, but a quick look in the rearview mirror shows we've done some things right, and there's nothing wrong with having a little pride in what you've already accomplished. Here's to the past, and to the future. Thanks to all who are with us on this ride.

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