Who Does the Talking in a Briefing?

Most companies have several people who can do a decent, or even excellent job of delivering your overview presentation. You might have a charismatic CEO that loves to talk, or an all star CTO that grew up speaking FORTRAN as a first language. Your head of sales might practice her pitch in front of a mirror twenty times a day, and your head of marketing might have agonized over every single word of the company’s positioning. You have a briefing next week and they’re all free. Who do you tap to lead the charge?

Wind Communications Continues Growth with Addition of Laurence Bachellerie in London


Wind Communications is adding another strong AR professional to our roster, the first team member outside of the US. Analysts live around the world, and for the most part, their coverage is global. Market reports and recommendations are based on the companies' ability to serve their customers where their customers are, regardless of the location of their headquarters. It makes sense then, if you are an analyst relations agency, to have resources that allow for seamless international support, particularly if you have the opportunity to work with a professional like Laurence Bachellerie. 

We have known Laurence since we all worked together at a fast-rising technology PR firm based in New York in the late 90s. Like Patty and Beth, Laurence then moved on to become a key member of the Capgemini analyst relations team as the millennium dawned. Laurence has now been based in London for many years, and has been busy helping clients in technology and sustainability meet a variety of pan-European marketing goals.

Laurence brings great experience and capabilities to the firm. She has a solid foundation in analyst relations, a broad understanding of marketing communications, and understands how AR can help feed PR, content marketing, business development and more. She is multilingual, including her native French, adopted English, Italian and German. She gives Wind Communications a geographic diversity for those attractive, but to date impractical, UK events and time zone challenges. In addition, she has done it all herself for years, so she gets our do-everything culture. We are expanding our footprint to include a third key technology market (New England, Austin, and now London), and look forward to Laurence’s contribution to the organization.